A mixed method study of public perceptions of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and its implications for health.

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This study aims to identify what the general public understands by antimicrobial resistance and how they feel the issue is relevant to them and in what context. This will therefore explore their knowledge and understanding of AMR in relation to the food chain, human health and animal health in particular. The research aims to examine concepts such as risk perception, willingness/barriers to behaviour change, and perceptions over the individual responsibility towards AMR management within general public.

Layman's description

The effectiveness of antibiotics is reducing. This has implications to both human and animal health as increasingly we are unable to treat basic infections. Although this is a recognised global health problem, it is unclear what members of the public understand about the issue. With a good understanding of the publics knowledge and feelings, it is hard to develop effective interventions to change behaviours in this area and help address this problem. This research is will try and gain a better understand of the public view and knowledge.
Short titlePublic Perceptions of AMR
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