Development and testing of an intervention to improve recovery after an episode of delirium

Project Details


This study will involve a feasibility study followed by a definitive RCT to explore whether a tailored intervention of physical activity, cognitive stimulation and emotional support can be improved following an episode of delirium. Study duration 5 years.

Layman's description

This programme aims to develop and test a package of care to help people recover from delirium. The intervention will include physical exercises and activities to improve memory and emotional support. Following a feasibility study, 500 people with delirium will be identified to take part, half will be randomly chosen to receive the intervention and the others will receive usual care. At 3 months and 6 months they will be assessed to see if levels of independence, physical ability and cognition have improved. Cost effectiveness will also be evaluated.
Short titleRecoverED Study
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/27