Hanging OUT! Outdoor education as a way to enhance the quality of early childhood education and care and to promote active citizenship


The project will strengthen the profile of the teaching profession through equipping both students, through the ITE training curriculum, and teachers through CPD to deliver high quality teaching. It aims to do this by developing new holistic and age appropriate pedagogical tools and approaches related to outdoor education. These will support both student teachers and teachers in dealing with diversified groups of learners (such as refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and children with different social, cultural and economic backgrounds) and adopting collaborative and innovative practices right from the start of their careers. High quality inclusive ECEC is essential for all children to develop their potential and lifelong learning competencies to ensure their successful participation in school and adult life. The project aims to:
(1) tackle the above mentioned challenges in and through outdoor education.
(2) integrate outdoor education more sustainable in the initial training curriculum
(3) develop more structural partnerships with other stakeholders in the care and education of young children and with organisations with specific expertise concerning the challenges at hand and
(4) broaden our perspectives on outdoor education in ECEC by using the outdoors as a tool to enhance quality and promote citizenship.
Short titleHanging OUT
Effective start/end date2/09/1931/08/22