Green Metaphysics: A sustainable and renewable liberal arts education

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Liberal Arts education has carried with it the tradition of a virtuous elite. The metaphysics that accompanies this elitism has its own ground in the master and slave relation of Antiquity. But a different metaphysics offers itself now for liberal arts, one which can be argued to be ‘green’, by being sustainable and renewable without the exploitation of the resources and labours of others. It might seem strange to argue that liberal arts should be the natural home of such a green metaphysics, but I will argue that liberal arts has two clear advantages: one is that part of its history has been to champion the comprehensive view of the world, as opposed to one that is fragmented within the professionally demarcated borders of single academic subject disciplines. The other is that it has held close to itself the Delphic maxim ‘know thyself’, and that this remains a crucial ingredient for any green education.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1068-1074
JournalEducational Philosophy and Theory
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jun 2017


  • Green metaphysics
  • Liberal arts
  • Sustainable
  • Renewable
  • Education

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