Historical Perspectives on Infant Care

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This innovative book introduces historical key theories, themes, and concepts of infancy and their care. In understanding infant care from the past, this book invites readers to explore how events, approaches, traditions, studies and stories have shaped modern day practice. From foundlings to wetnurses, community care and edu-carers, it introduces topics about family life, professional roles, and educational settings. It contributes to early childhood education and care discourses, but with an emphasis on care and therefore considered timely for both educators and practitioners.

Each chapter provides a historical overview of infant care, making connections about how the past influences current practice. It offers insights into how infant care has and could be studied, with illustrations from short vignettes, imagery, and case studies. Extended reflective thinking and reflective questions for practitioners to contextualize the topics with contemporary practice is included. Each chapter presents a topic such as
· pregnancy
· parental relationships
· developmental studies
· professional's role
· community services available to infants
Further reading lists are also available to prompt additional engagement with the content.

Historical Perspectives on Infant Care and Development is therefore your essential guide to understanding the historical influences that have shaped infant care today. Accessible and informative, the book is designed to meet the needs of students studying modules related to early years and historical perspectives on a range of foundation, bachelor and master's degrees in childhood studies.
Original languageEnglish
ISBN (Electronic)9781350168473
Publication statusIn preparation - 14 Jul 2022

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