"Shaping the Mentality of Races and Especially of Young People”: The League of Nations and the Educational Cinematography Congress, 1934

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The chapter discusses the link between cinematography and intellectual cooperation and unpacks Dreyfus-Barney’s statement to the League of Nations; Liaison Committee of Major International Associations the the Rome Institute of Educational Cinematography (IIEC) had made a special study of the influence of cinematography on the mind and the they had done so 'in connection with the idea peace and international propaganda to promote knowledge and mutual understanding". The chapter does so by tracing how congressists linked views of the mind with the development of the world-mindedness that intellectual cooperation at the League sought to foster as a means to world peace. The discussion draws on League of Nations records, IIEC congress presentations, papers published in the 1934 edition of the International Review of Educational Cinematography, and reports of Pan-Pacific women’s congresses held in Honolulu. These are supplemented with papers in the Amazone archive in Brussels related to the 1934 IIEC congress and the International Council of Women’s cinema committee, which Dreyfus-Barney chaired.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLeague of Nations
Subtitle of host publicationHistories, Legacies and Impact
EditorsJoy Damousi, Patricia O'Brien
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ISBN (Electronic)9780522872538
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jul 2018


  • League of Nations
  • cinematography
  • internationalism
  • empire

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