Supporting young carers: Evaluation of the Hampshire Young Carers Alliance (HYCA) collaboration (value for money)

Daniel Phelps

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This report provides a first overview of the value for money of the HYCA
collaboration and its services for young carers and their families and highlights the diverse range of positive impacts that HYCA projects bring about.

It will be helpful for those commissioning, funding or developing services for young carers and families and for HYCA itself when developing their services and communicating the value of what it does. Since the HYCA projects could be described as being typical of young carer services in the UK, this report has wider relevance to other projects supporting young carers and to those working together collaboratively, or considering doing so.

Using findings from previous evaluation reports, the report draws together the different impacts that HYCA services were found to bring about, and the different features of the collaboration and the individual young carer projects, that bring value to its overall service.

Analysis of the content from the previous evaluation reports of the Hampshire
Young Carers Alliance (HYCA) collaboration (2016-2019) was undertaken by
extracting the findings related to the following two themes:

•the different impacts that HYCA services were found to bring about
•the different features of the HYCA collaboration (and the individual projects) that bring value to the overall services provided for young carers and their families.

Future research is suggested and recommendations are provided in the Appendices.

•HYCA brings a wide range of positive impacts.
•Positive outcomes are achieved for young carers, their families, the individual projects themselves and for other local services.
•HYCA brings about positive outcomes at a county-wide level by developing practice and policy, awareness raising and capturing the voice of young carers.
•The HYCA collaboration and the individual services, bring ‘added value’ through their knowledge, skills and experience.
•HYCA and individual projects benefit from being third sector organisations.
•Volunteers markedly increase the value of projects.
•The value of HYCA is increased through its collaborative work.
•Findings highlight the potential for HYCA to further increase the value of its service.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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