Supporting young carers: The impact of the Hampshire Young Carers Alliance (HYCA) collaborative approach

Daniel Phelps

Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned report

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Building on an initial qualitative study of the impact of dedicated young carer services (Phelps, 2017), this report presents the findings of a follow-up study which used questionnaires and a semi-structured interview to evaluate the impact of the collaborative approach between the Hampshire Young Carers Alliance (HYCA) services (young carer projects).

This report is relevant to the HYCA Alliance specifically but also to other similar collaborations or to services that are considering developing collaborative approaches.
The findings are important in that they provide a first overview of the impacts at different levels, of the collaborative approach taken by ten young carer services. The report outlines the positive and negative impacts that the collaborative approach has made and identifies key challenges of the collaboration.
Future research is suggested and recommendations are made for developing the collaborative approach to supporting young carers.

•Taken as a whole the collaborative approach of HYCA has been beneficial and has had some positive impacts.
•There were also several negative impacts and challenges from the collaborative approach.
•The collaboration had impacted at three different levels;
1.Positive and negative impacts on projects. There have been some barriers to the collaborative approach and projects have experienced a range of challenges.
2.Positive and negative impacts on young carers and their families.
3.Positive impacts for young carers and their families on a locality and county level by influencing and enhancing policy and practice and raising awareness of young carers.
•Partners are generally positive about the collaboration’s future and have made suggestions for strengthening the collaborative approach.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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