Community Choirs
: A Musical Transformation

  • Sarah Morgan

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    My aims have always been to present an exploration of English community choirs, their music and their leadership from a very personal perspective, which brings together my background as a folk musician, my career in training and facilitation, and my developing understanding of a system of musical hierarchies which (though often unspoken) inform and colour not only my own musical experience but that of many others. My motivation for this is partly to put into words the story of a movement that has had relatively little attention from the academic world, and to bring into the foreground aspects of music making which have had a marginal place the world of choral music. I also wish to draw attention to the skills of a range of performers and practitioners who despite (or perhaps because of) a lack of formal musical qualifications, through familiarity with oral methods of learning and teaching provide a means for many people to make the significant transition between being music consumers and music makers.

    This statement is a review of my work in many fields leading to my achievement of the position of a highly regarded performer, choir leader, arranger and trainer. I recount my journey, and give many examples of my work in this field, demonstrating many contributions along the way. In so doing I have added significantly to the store of knowledge and understanding in these areas.
    Date of Award9 Oct 2013
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Winchester
    SupervisorJune Boyce-Tillman (Supervisor) & Sandra Drower (Supervisor)

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