Evolving Motion
: Examining Flux in Choreographic Practice

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The research which is embedded in this thesis through the dances and the context statement is about my experience of dancing and dance-making. During the process of making dances there is a sense of messiness in not knowing what is emerging. In the process of writing this document I have had to shift my experience in order to perceive the messiness and to reflect on how I work with it.
The reflection on dance-making has enabled me to notice that the messiness arises from the tensions between the somatic, aesthetic, interpretive and inseparable experiences in performing, creating and receiving dance. This context statement tries to negotiate the messiness by examining my modes of engagement and the intensity of my focus through them over time. As a result the context statement reflects on the flow of change within these aspects of my practice and its impact on the aesthetic of the emergent work.
A diagram has been designed to illustrate how unexpected occurrences happen through the continuously flowing change. This is referred to as flux. It happens through a moment of action, attention or connection. A ‘State of Dynamic Flux’ refers to my openness to flux within the flow of changes. This way of working allows unanticipated creative potentialities and produces an aesthetic that is characterised by live-ness.
Date of Award12 Aug 2015
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Winchester
SupervisorMillie Taylor (Supervisor) & Olu Taiwo (Supervisor)


  • Choreography
  • performer-creator
  • flow
  • flux
  • dynamic flux
  • choreology
  • triadic perspective
  • reflective practice
  • dance-making process
  • performance

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